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    Use of the Website

    Access to or use of the Appszoom website (, Appszoom mobile site ( or Appszoom mobile apps, confers the status of Appszoom USER. While browsing or using the tools and services offered by Appszoom, the User agrees to comply with the Legal Terms of service, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.

    The User agrees to make appropriate use of the content and services offered by Appszoom on its website and apps. Inappropriate use of content includes, but is not limited to: (i) for activities that are illicit in nature or that are contrary to good conduct and public order; (ii) to cause damage to the physical or logical systems of Appszoom or its Users; (iii) to attempt to access or use email addresses of other Users and modify or manipulate their messages or registration information.

    In cases where the User must complete a third party registration process (such as Facebook or Google), the User is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information.

    Ownership and Intellectual and Industrial Property

    Appszoom itself, or as an assignee, is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights on its web pages and apps, including the brand, images, sound, audio, video, texts, logos, color combinations, structure and design and computer programs or software necessary for use.

    Subject to national, European and international intellectual property regulations, it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, distribute or communicate publicly, all or any of the content of this website and its app, in particular content created by Appszoom, to commercial ends, on any device or by any technical means, without the authorization of Appszoom.

    The User agrees to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights held by Appszoom or third-parties (Developers).

    The User must refrain from deleting, altering, avoiding or manipulating any protective device or security system put in place on the Appszoom platforms.

    End-User License Appszoom™

    This download is free of charge (Appszoom's app).

    Please read and accept this Licensing Agreement before installing and using Appszoom's app. If you are an individual, you must be of legal age or have parental consent. If you are acquiring the App for a company, you must have full powers of attorney to enter into this agreement in the company's name.

    Appszoom, grants its Users a free non-exclusive and non-transferable license (hereinafter, the License) to use the website and the app named Appszoom.

    1. Purpose and technical requirements

      Appszoom is an app to discover the best applications for your device. Appszoom offers reviews of the latest apps, as well as news and tutorials, to help you get the most out of your smartphone and/or tablet.

      In some cases, Appszoom uses APK files. APK files are a type of archive file, specifically in zip format packages based on the JAR file format, with .apk as the filename extension. Android application package file (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system.

      Running Appszoom infers that the User has accepted the Legal terms and Conditions Appszoom, at their own liability. Appszoom reserves the right to update and modify the software license and any reference documents attached if necessary.

    2. Copyright

      Appszoom is the sole owner of the Appszoom trade name, copyright and distribution rights. The copyright includes the “look and feel” of the Appszoom software. This agreement is a licence to use Appszoom and does not imply a transfer of ownership of the rights thereto.

      You may not change, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile Appszoom, including the use of any current and future technology. A breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Licence shall be construed as a breach of this Agreement.

    3. Warranties and liabilities

      You shall use Appszoom according to the terms and conditions herein. Appszoom shall not be liable for any damages arising from your use of Appszoom in a manner contrary to this Software Licence.

      Except for the statutory liabilities set forth in consumer legislation, you exonerate Appszoom from any liability arising from an improper execution of Appszoom or the malfunction of Appszoom arising from the manner in which you ran the software. The said exoneration from liability shall extend to Appszoom’s employees and management.

      Appszoom states that this license to use Appszoom does not infringe any previous agreement or current legislation.

      Appszoom does not guarantee the availability, continuity and failure-proof functioning of Appszoom. Therefore, insofar as the law allows, this warranty does not include any damages arising from the lack of availability or discontinued functioning of Appszoom and any services enabled with it.

      Appszoom does not assume liability in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance or force majeure. Likewise, Appszoom shall not be liable for any causes beyond reasonable control, such as viruses and interference by third parties.

      You shall not hold Appszoom liable for the intellectual property rights, distribution rights, integrity, quality and execution of the computer software downloaded with Appszoom.

      You state that you are aware that Appszoom may not have a relationship of any nature with the owners of the computer programs you download. You shall not hold Appszoom liable for any claims against you for your use or possession of the products downloaded with Appszoom, including, but not limited to claims for libel, violations of publicity or data protection rights, intellectual property rights, trademark rights, and any other claim or complaint with regard to the content, quality and functioning of the said software.

    4. Terms

      The terms of this Agreement commences with your acceptance hereof. Appszoom shall have the right to restrict, suspend or terminate this Agreement at its own discretion, either in full or in part, at any moment and for any reason, with no prior warning or liability.

      This Agreement and, therefore, the License, shall terminate the moment you incur a breach of the Terms and Conditions herein. You must delete any copies of Appszoom in your possession at the time when this Agreement ends.

      Unless express permission is given, Appszoom does not grant any type of license or permission of use in relation to its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other property or right associated with its app and website.

      The name and logo of Appszoom © are registered trademarks of Appszoom Technologies, S.L.
      Copyright Appszoom Technologies, S.L. © 2021 - All rights reserved

    Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is important to Appszoom. Before becoming a User of any of the Appszoom platforms (hereinafter also the "Service") you should know our privacy policy, and if you need clarification, contact us at

    Disclosure of Information and express consent

    The User agrees to having read and accepted the current Privacy Policy and gives their express consent for their personal details to be dealt with in accordance with the corresponding objectives or services offered by Appszoom.


    User data registered on Appszoom is gathered with the following objectives:

    • To manage User information regarding web browsing and applications downloaded.
    • To inform Users about Appszoom services as well as other services and products related to communication information technology sector, through the website or by any means of electronic communication.
    • To study and analyze the information provided in order to detect trends and evaluate new services.
    • For the overall management of the objectives listed above.

    Cookies Policy

    What are cookies?

    A cookie is a file which is downloaded on your computer when you access certain web pages.

    Among other things, cookies allow a web page to store and retrieve information about User or device-specific browsing habits. Depending on the information which they contain, and the way the equipment is used, they can also be used to recognize the User.

    Which types of cookies do we use?

    This website uses cookies and other similar mechanisms (from here on, cookies). Cookies are files which are sent to a browser via a web server to register a User of Appszoom' activities on a specific web page or all pages, apps and/or services (from here on, the Services). The main aim of cookies is to give the User faster access to the selected Services. Furthermore, Services and adverts can be personalized using cookies, meaning each User can be offered potentially interesting information, selected based on the way they user the Services.

    Own cookies:

    Name of the Cookie Purpose of the Cookie
    AZ_L_* Session cookie to authenticate the user
    WSID Session cookie to authenticate the user
    cookie_policy Acceptance control regarding to cookies policy. (EU cookies law)

    Third parties cookies:

    Company Domain Name Name of the Cookie Purpose of the Cookie
    Google Analytics _utm* Used for Google Analytics
    We use cookies for Google Analytics embedded in our website to collect information about how visitors navigate our website We use the information to compile reports and to help improve the site The cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors, where they come from and the pages they have visited
    Facebook c-user / datr / csm Facebook uses these cookies to identify the connected User and the browser