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    Who's Up icon
    Who's Up

    Who's Up helps you find time to play sports or hang out with friends and colleagues: - Easier way to organize events and split the cost - Find out what others want to do - Build interest first before any organizing needs to happen - Reach out to wider network of friends

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    Flippy Knife icon
    Flippy Knife

    FLIPPY KNIFE - flip knives, toss axes and throw legendary swords! Become the Master while building your own collection of knives! WHAT’S THE GAME ABOUT? Flip world famous knives in several locations, train your skills! Very soon you will learn how to flip blades without missing and make awesome hits on any target! When you become a real master, yo…

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    Bit Heroes icon
    Bit Heroes

    Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates! Explore a vast new MMORPG world inspired by your favorite 8-bit & 16-bit dungeon crawlers. Bit Heroes captures that charm and nostalgia of your favorite RPGs, delivering them seamlessly to your mobile device. Collect and craft thousands of pieces of loot to increase your power. B…

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    MouseBot icon

    Guide MouseBot through mazes of fantastical mechanical mouse traps created by the cat scientists of CatLab. Dodge giant metal Kitty Krushers, leap over mouse-grinding Roller Graters, evade scary Mines and Lasers, and platform your way across pools of bot-melting Acid on an epic quest for cheese and freedom. Conquer over 65 challenging platform-st…

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    Pathway - Memory Recall icon
    Pathway - Memory Recall

    Pathway - Memory Recall is an arcade/puzzle game all about testing your memory by connecting the matching blocks without touching the blocks that are hidden. Features : * Classic Mode : The board will rotate, flip, and move to try and confuse you. * Simon Says Mode : The board will be static, but you have to complete every board backwards that y…

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    Ruzzit icon

    Be first to discover new viral content with the Ruzzit App! Ruzzit finds the most viral stories on the web and categorises them into a single feed. Your feed can be personalised by selecting categories you’re interested in. You can also find out stats behind each content, such as how many shares the content has - all with a single tap! FEATURES:…

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    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang icon
    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    和你的朋友一起加入全新的5v5真人對戰MOBA遊戲,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!選擇你喜歡的英雄,與昔日戰友組成精妙的隊伍搭配,10秒匹配,10分鐘一局。對線、打野、推塔、團戰,PC級的動作遊戲和MOBA遊戲的戰鬥體驗在你的手機上重現,點燃你的電競之心。Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,2017手機電競遊戲全新大作,用你的手指碾碎螢幕中的對手,奪取最強王者的榮耀光環。你的手機…

    免费 5.8M 8.8

    8.8 用户
    Pixel Art - 按编号上色的着色书 icon
    Pixel Art - 按编号上色的着色书

    游玩 Pixel Art 的数字填色游戏是一种消遣时间的绝佳途径。冷静下来,享受数小时欢乐与放松的游玩体验,增强您的注意力并提升您的准确度。从各式各样的图片中进行挑选,按数字给您喜爱的图片填色,打造属于您自己的艺术作品!通过填色来放松您的心情并释放您内心的艺术天分。功能:- 各式各样适合成年人的填色页:曼荼罗、鲜花以及其他图片;- 大量适合儿童的数字填色页:动物…

    免费 518.6K 9.6

    9.6 用户
    安卓录屏大师:屏幕录制、视频编辑、直播、截屏与图片编辑应用 icon

    安卓录屏大师是一款稳定且具有高品质的免费录屏应用,能帮助你录制流畅清晰的手机屏幕视频。安卓录屏大师提供丰富功能且无需Root 即可使用,让你轻松录制游戏过程、视频通话、直播节目以及其它各类视频。使用安卓录屏大师,录屏如此简单!优点:完全免费,无内购无广告,无需root,无录制时长限制高质量的视频:支持录制1080P,12Mbps,60FPS的视频主要功能:★ 屏幕录制 ★安卓…

    免费 1.6M 9.6

    9.6 用户
    Free Fire - 我要活下去 icon
    Free Fire - 我要活下去

    10分鐘一局,線上最佳吃雞手遊!《Free Fire - 我要活下去》是一款大逃殺類型的荒島生存射擊遊戲。運輸機掠過荒島,數十名玩家自由跳傘,四散於荒島進行求生!電磁圈危機逐漸逼近,你只有想辦法活下去!駕駛載具狂飆於荒野中,在廣闊地圖中探索生存的機會,埋伏、狙擊一觸即發!目標只有一個:我要活下去!成為最後的倖存者!【全新戰隊 一同吃雞】組建最強戰隊,與戰隊成員一…

    免费 1M 8.8

    8.8 用户
    Messenger Lite:通话和发消息免费 icon
    Messenger Lite:通话和发消息免费

    快速联系亲友的经济型消息应用,为你节省手机流量。Messenger Lite:极速安装。只需占用不到 10MB 空间,手机瘦身的好帮手。节省流量。应用加载和运行快速高效,且消耗极少手机流量。不受网速限制。在网速较慢或不稳定的地区也能轻松与他人畅聊。兼容大部分手机。可兼容 Android 2.3(姜饼)或以上版本的手机。利用 Messenger Lite,你可以:与 Messenger、Facebook 或 Faceboo…

    免费 841.6K 8.8

    8.8 用户
    沙盒 - 按数字涂色画页 icon
    沙盒 - 按数字涂色画页


    免费 209.3K 9.4

    9.4 用户
    FIFA足球 icon

    《FIFA Mobile》已重新设计,将为您带来最真实、刺激的足球手游体验! 获取一项免费Cristiano Ronaldo物品,即可开始打造和管理您的球队。 将任意球员训练到足球巨星水平、向对手发起进攻,并在全赛季期间每日查看新内容。 另外,游戏的安装包小于100 MB,可让您快速下载游戏。 不论您是一名久经沙场的高手或是一名刚入球场的懵懂新手,《FIFA Mobile》都是可以满足您的足球游…

    免费 3.1M 8.4

    8.4 用户
    Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter icon
    Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

    地球最后的希望就在你的手中。独自驾驶飞船,抵御成群的外星人,保卫地球。你的目标极具挑战性,因为你必须从邪恶敌人的手中拯救宇宙。在此游戏中,你要在危险的环境中迎战越来越多的敌人。在游戏过程中,你可以赢得升级飞船的机会,从而释放其全部的杀伤力。游戏玩法:* 触摸屏幕来移动和杀死所有敌人。* 收集物品来升级或更换自己的武器。功能:* 多人游戏模式* 为平板电脑和…

    免费 289.5K 9.2

    9.2 用户

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