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10,000 - 50,000 更多应用

查看更大图片 LightLaunch 用于 的 Android 的截屏
查看更大图片 LightLaunch 用于 的 Android 的截屏
查看更大图片 LightLaunch 用于 的 Android 的截屏
查看更大图片 LightLaunch 用于 的 Android 的截屏
Super light launcher

Quick Guide
* long press icons to move around
* 2 finger swipe to change pages
* 3 finger tap to open menu
* Show hidden then tap the icons you want to hide then hide hidden

If you have any problems or want to report a bug you can post your problems here or email me:

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--- 4.0.6
Fixed Scrolling for some devices
Fixed uninstall/install apps
Fixed some apps not showing

--- 4.0.5
Added 3 finger tap to open menu

--- 4.0.4
Added ability to manually set settings with keyboard
Reduced memory usage may not effect everyone

--- 4.0.3
Reduced memory usage a little bit more
Fixed crashing when text size is very big and icon size is very small

--- 4.0.2
Reduced ram usage (bitmaps cached)
Fixed crashing if icon size larger then device screensize

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    by jun dai 在 08/04/2014


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    by Cross Sissy 在 21/03/2014


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    by 黄栋栋 在 28/07/2013

    Thank you, I will continue to use this software, I hope you continue to update, even though charges, I will continue to support.

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    by 蒋添 在 20/04/2013