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Monsterama Park's review

Build the monster park and take care of all your cute monsters while they grow

  • Fun, really addictive
  • Entertaining gameplay, cute characters
  • Sometimes fails connection

"All Monster romances are strictly fictional and should not be tried at home"

In Monster Park, you will discover a lot of new species of monsters while you watch them grow and take care of them. You should attract visitors by building the best Monster Park ever.

First of all, you want to create a baby monster and place it in the nursery, where it will spend some time before it hatches. Then, you'll be able to move it to a room, which you need to build. Every monster needs a special room to live, so be sure to match the monster with their rooms.

The gameplay is creative and really enjoyable, be sure to try it out and start loving the monsters. They will grow and grow, and the bigger they are, the more visitors will attract and more silver you will earn. Kiwi, Inc. is the developer of Monster Park, an engaging casual game full of features and bright colors, perfect for a relaxed afternoon. Don't miss it!

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5月 13, 2013


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