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  • Fun, really addictive
  • Entertaining gameplay, cute characters
  • Sometimes fails connection

"All Monster romances are strictly fictional and should not be tried at home"

审查者 / May 13, 2013

Build the monster park and take care of all your cute monsters while they grow

In Monster Park, you will discover a lot of new species of monsters while you watch them grow and take care of them. You should attract visitors by building the best Monster Park ever.

First of all, you want to create a baby monster and place it in the nursery, where it will spend some time before it hatches. Then, you'll be able to move it to a room, which you need to build. Every monster needs a special room to live, so be sure to match the monster with their rooms.

The gameplay is creative and really enjoyable, be sure to try it out and start loving the monsters. They will grow and grow, and the bigger they are, the more visitors will attract and more silver you will earn. Kiwi, Inc. is the developer of Monster Park, an engaging casual game full of features and bright colors, perfect for a relaxed afternoon. Don't miss it!

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With millions of downloads and over 70,000 five star reviews, Monsterama Park is one of the top games on Android!

Build a world famous monster park and discover an insane variety of Monsters! Feed them, watch them grow, and breed them to plunge yourself into monsterly fun.

WARNING: You may find yourself obsessed with collecting every single Monster in the game! Cyclos, dragons, unicorns, and more!

As you build your Park, you'll be able to:

• Collect dozens of quirky and lovable Monsters, both tiny and tall
• Watch your Monsters walk, fly, celebrate, or laze around
• Fill your Park with tons of rooms and decorations
• Breed and discover the rarest Mythic Monsters - dragons and more!
• Attract Visitors to your magnificent Park
• Brag to your friends that your Park is SOOO much better than theirs!

From Kiwi, the creators of other top free titles including Shipwrecked, Monsterama Planet, and Brightwood Adventures.

DISCLAIMER: All Monster romances are strictly fictional and should not be tried at home.

SUPPORT US: Please rate Monsterama Park and leave a review. We love hearing back from Monster fans!

IN-APP PAYMENTS: Monsterama Park is free to play, but you can buy cool stuff in the game if you want. That helps power our Monster Factory to make more Monsters. You can also disable the in-app purchases feature on your phone.

FEEDBACK AND QUESTIONS: Feel free to reach out to us at any time by emailing Please include the following information so that we can help you most effectively!

- Version of the game you are playing
- Android device that you have
- Gmail address associated with you Google Play Account

LOG PERMISSION: We use the log permission to debug the game. Help us get the bugs!


1/30 - Version 1.6.8 released - More and more monsters are coming your way! Keep an eye out for a whole new set, Exceptionals. They're even cuter with their special buddies. As always, we are taking your feedback & optimizing your Monsterama Park.

We have an FAQ section directly in the game! Click on the arrow on the bottom left > Settings (the icon looks like a gear) > About Kiwi > FAQ

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  • (70)

    通过 luholden1 在 28/04/2013

    I am so upset. This is one of my favorite games and i have spent a lot of money on it and now it has just stopped working. Is there anything you can do to help me?

  • (70)

    通过 Mona1302 在 13/03/2013

    Das Spiel ist toll. Würde aber noch Facebook Freunde dafür brauchen :-/

  • (70)

    通过 Poulxx 在 20/09/2012

    KIWI, instead of spending time giving yourself positive and false reviews - fix the game!
    Look up the truth about Monster Park here:

    Sorry 'bout the misguiding starshine, my Android thinks it's Jesus:-)

  • (70)

    通过 missbell 在 16/09/2012

    You have not fixed the problem!!!! I didn't get the items replaced that was purchased with gold. Only got part of the gold but cannot get what I had bought! Dont care bout basic monsters but losing mythics and limiteds is bs! You have stolen from people!

  • (70)

    通过 李方 在 01/04/2014

    很多廣告 請改善

  • (70)

    通过 蔡佳純 在 17/03/2014


  • (70)

    通过 伊宗 在 07/12/2013