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  • Graphics, animations and sound
  • Overall, great game
  • Special effects (fire, fog, smoke)
  • Long looooadings
  • Fights may be little dinamic

"Looking out for a hero...ine"

审查者 / Feb 01, 2013

An outstanding fighting game

This is the Korean version of Death Dome. Our original review on the English one can be read below for your convenience:

OK, first at all, the future Oscar award winner plot summarized in a couple of sentences: a virus that makes you stronger when doesn't kill you; a domed and doomed city in ruins with over-stereoided ogre-like cyborg-ugly foes and you, a lovely 21st century amazon armed with an axe and a trash can lid. No firearms allowed. Got it?

Death Dome is a 3D lookalike fighting game, though don't think about it as Tekken or Dead or Alive. It's a game about attack, attack and attack to then dodge in the exact precise moment and in the needed direction. As foes inflict ten times more damage than you, then it will be time to attack, attack and...dodge. If you dodge actually in the exact precise moment, time will freeze and you'll be able to deal actual damage to your enemy. Also, if you accumulate enough green slimy fluor stuff you can freeze time and deal a super attack. Lastly, once you have emptied your enemy's lifebar, you can finish him off through a sort of fatality, though it seems there's little if any control on them. Weapons, armor and shield are upgradeable through in-game money or legal tender. Perhaps the best part of it is that experience points allow to learn new moves beyond the starting basic slashes.

Graphics and animations are great, though lower devices may not be able to stand them at all. In addition, there's been a great effort put into sound effects

Death Dome is free to play and is occupies only 400 and so Mb in your SD card now that we are getting used to 1Gb and more. However, it's quite difficult to get far in the game without in-app purchases unless you are disposed to spend a handful of hours on it. As an improvised scale, think about the end of first stage as your free limit. Touch response in menus clearly deserves some improvement, but this can be considered a minor flaw nowadays.

In short, it's a great game, though it may not completely satisfy either hardcore or fighting gamers, much less hardcore fighting gamers. However, casual gamers will find this game perfectly suited to enjoy gory battles without needing to learn strange combos or become a nervous wreck.

이것이 어디서 부터 시작됬는지 아무도 정말 아무도 기억하지 못한다.. 그러나 오래전부터 이건 어디나 있었다. M 바이러스 .. 감염 증상을 보인 사람들은 몇일내로 죽는다..그렇다고 살아남은 사람들이 운이 좋다고 말할순 없다. 돌연변이 들이 도시 여러곧에서 나타났다. 감염자들을 팔라미라(도시이름)를 감싸는 생물학적 격리 지역에 격리된다. 누구는 이곳을 "안적지역" 이라고 부르지만, 대부분 사람들은 그곳이 데쓰 돔(Death dome, 죽음의 돔)이란걸 알고있다. M 바이러스는 데스돔에서 성장하여 마침내 숙주없이 혼자 살아갈수 있을정도로 강해졌다. 너무 강해져 버려 ... 거대한 괴수가 되버렸어..!!
내가 기억하는 단 하나의 이름 피닉스, 나는 내가 누구였는지에 대한 기억이 없다...내가 아는 건 절대 데쓰 돔은 해체되지 않을거란 것 과 괴수들은 아직 살아있다는것 그래서 나는 그 괴물들을 내손으로 전부 무찔러야 한다는것..!!!

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➤ Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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