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  • Quick and App Manager



    v1.4.4: Remove the ads. Quickly find your apps,likes a launcher.You can also use it as an app folder or App Organizer. ✔.Categorize apps to different folders(tools,games,books..) ✔.Sort apps by name, install date ✔.Open your apps quickly. ✔.Add your apps to home(shortcut). ✔.Uninstall...

  • Quick History Cleaner



    Quick History Clear 1 click to clear search history and all cached files. This app can erase history data and apps'cache on your phone, delete your search history (web history,Maps History, Earth History, YOUTUBE History clipboard data, market history,gmail history etc). Internal memory is...

  • Quick Backup



    Notice:It can only backup the apk files.(It can not backup app's data) Quick Backup is a program for Android that lets you back up installed apps to SD Card.You can restore your apps from the SD Card. You can also batch uninstall apps. ★By default,apps are sorted by name. ★input keyword to...

  • Quick Task Killer



    Quick Task Killer allows you to kill processes(tasks) on your phone quickly. -------------------------------- features: *Ignore list *Autokill apps after screen off *Show the memory and the power *Notification in the status bar *one-click kill widget *"Kill service" button for...

  • Quick Cache Cleaner



    Internal memory is precious.You can get more available storage space by clearing cache/data files with this app. 1 click to clear all cached files for getting more available space.No root permission required. This app is useful to anyone who has memory management issues,specifically when you are...

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