Mediafly, Inc.

  • NightingaleConant InsidersClub



    This app is exclusively available for Nightingale-Conant Insiders Club members to access the vast library of Nightingale-Conant programs from the palms of their hands -- every title that N-C makes available in digital format is now available in this app! Nightingale-Conant has been the gold...

  • Whitebox



    Whitebox allows companies to use the Mediafly platform to deliver their content to partners, customers and employees -- such as corporate communications, sales-enablement, training, and other video-on-demand applications. This app is powered by the Mediafly platform which also powers...

  • MillerCoors AdvantagePoint



    AdvantagePoint is a content management tool to centrally distribute relevant materials to its authorized users, which include MillerCoors employees, partners, distributors and other agencies who provide and use content with MillerCoors. This application, and its use, is available exclusively to...

  • InsideMediafly



    An internal application for Mediafly, Inc.

  • Mediafly SalesKit

    Supercharge your sales presentations with the Mediafly SalesKit! Unleash the power of tablets for sales enablement and keep company messaging current. Mediafly SalesKit ensures sales teams, partners, and customers have immediate and secure access to the latest sales & marketing materials,...

  • Skidmarks Racing

    Skidmarks Racing brings you videos, images, links and other content associated with the Chicago-based T-10 Racing Team Skidmarks. In addition to content specific to our racing team, the Skidmarks Racing application also includes content and links organized to be useful to many racing sailors,...

  • UW Milwaukee



    In harmony with the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the School of Information Studies strives to make significant contributions towards extending and enhancing the quality of information to a diverse global society. The School of Information Studies is committed to excellence in...

  • DMD The Screening Room



    DMD's new Android application allows you to screen content like never before. Beginning today you can use your Android phone or tablet to browse and download video content such as episodes, promos, clips and trailers and documents such as Keynote, PDF, Word and Excel.

  • SmartTV.COM



    SmartTV.COM television networks offer a unique combination of live and video-on-demand television programming covering a variety of topics including Comedy.TV, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV, and many, many more! SmartTV.COM is available for a low monthly charge. Details and pricing at This...

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live Official App



    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live show segments, musical performances and more. Follow the cast on Twitter and Facebook. Check back often - many new features and exclusives coming each month!

  • igus SalesKit from Mediafly



    The all new igus® application is a dynamic and fast-growing resource for accessing igus reference material, including training and installation videos, product literature and specifications, and detailed catalog information provided in a variety of formats. This useful reference application is...

  • Comedy.TV



    Comedy.TV is a television network dedicated to today’s funniest comedians, featuring a mix of live concert performances, talk and variety shows, sitcoms and movies. The SMARTTV Comedy.TV network features live-streaming TV, and video on-demand episodes of a variety of hilarious, star-studded...

  • Fox Theatrical ProReview



    This app provides thousands of staff, producers, editors, writers, executives and external partners easy access to pre-production content such as dailies, rough-cuts, pilots, scripts, commercials, etc. for review. A valid login and password is required to use this application.

  • ACME Anvil

    This is a demo app of Mediafly's mPlatform.

  • Georgetown Everywhere



    Catch the latest news and events from Georgetown University, including student-produced news videos and coverage of visiting leaders and dignitaries such as President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bono. Also look for Hoya sports reports and other features focused on...

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