Karl Ostmo

  • ChartDroid



    Non-developers: Don't bother installing this unless another application has brought you here. Developers: Check out "ChartDroid Demo" on the Market and consult the website below for usage.

  • Anime Character Gen.




    * Anime Character Generator * Build random characters or save and share your own. Based on the original K.Hmix character machine, optimized for Android. High quality artwork. Features: * Desktop widget * Caption, save, share characters * Choose colors * Thousands of parts * No Ads! NOTE:...

  • HypnoTwister Live Wallpaper



    Soothing, hypnotic, gently turning spiral wallpaper. Changes colors periodically. Highly customizable.

  • Darth Vader "Noooo!"



    Darth Vader cursing in anguish. "Nooooooo!"

  • Big Gulp - Dumb & Dumber



    Hey guys. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later. -- Lloyd

  • Developer Revenue Analysis



    The essential app for independent Android developers and small/medium publishers. Integrates data from Android Market with Google Checkout to provide sales insight. * Get notified of low-rated Market comments * Plot revenue across apps over time. * Quantify how comments affect sales * Observe...

  • Kanji Tutor




    v2.2: Custom study sets Fun way to learn the nearly 2000 "jōyō" and "kyōiku" kanji. Quiz yourself flashcard style either by symbol or English language translation. Nice graphs to track progress. Optional "rewards" keep you motivated! Keywords: Chinese, Japanese,...

  • ChartDroid Demo



    chartdroid is an Intent-based library for anti-aliased chart and graph generation on android. Currently includes pie charts, calendar, bar charts, line charts, and more.

  • Hiyoooo! Widget



    Ed McMahon's trademark "Hiyoooo!" from Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show". Rounds out your sound effect widget collection.

  • BettrFlickr




    A better Flickr for Android Love Flickr? This app is for you. *Upload photos *Search by group, tags, location (map), or color *Notify recent activity *full-screen view/zoom *Share photos

  • Critter Browser



    Look up animal/plant species by scientific or common name, accompanied with pictures, or explore the scientific classification system. Keywords: species identification, taxonomy

  • Fortune Provider



    Simple app that obtains a random quotation / fortune from the web. Offers a Content Provider for use by other applications. Source code available (see website).

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