Jarda Kvapil

  • Locus Addon FieldNotes



    Addon extends the possibilities of working with the log notes. You can post selected logs online to GC.com or create fieldnotes text file for offline use. Fieldnotes.txt file will be overwritten! In this version is stored in Locus dir. Main function: * Edit log and favorite status * Templates *...

  • Keskomerka



    Keskomerka je jednoduchy widget k zobrazeni stavu kesi ve fronte ke schvaleni. Aktualizace je kazdou patou minutu v hodine nebo pri kliku na widget.

  • Cipher tools



    Tools for encrypt or decrypt some cipher. Contains: vigenere, mobile cipher, morse code, ascii code, binary code, oct code, hex code, base64 code, digital sum, reverse words or text, ROT cipher, roman numbers, braille decoder, fake text, front to back text, mathias sandorf, playfair. Showing...

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