ITX Corp

  • CLIConHealth

    This is the mobile phone 1.0 version of the CLIC-On-Health website CLIC-on-Health is a collaboration of hospital, public and school librarians, in order to provide all the people of the greater Rochester, New York area with the high-quality healthcare information...

  • SUN News



    Get Southern Utah Now news and information while on the go. Realtime news, weather, traffic, and sports updates with text, photos, and video from SUN News. See local news headlines before anyone else. A local event calendar highlighting events in St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Cedar...

  • Liberty Pumps



    Liberty Pumps is a free application that provides a wide array of information on Liberty Pumps’ products. This quick and easy to use application includes technical pump data, installation manuals, engineering specifications as well as an advanced pump sizing program - allowing you to input data...

  • Shoals Marine Lab

    Take Shoals with you wherever you go! Our mobile app gives you access to: travel information as you journey to or from Portsmouth, NH; keeps you in tune with Shoals news; and provides quick links to field guides, tides and marine weather while you are in the field on Appledore Island! Future...

  • Simon School



    Get ready to experience Simon on the go. Tap into our world. Simon School app provides you with the latest and greatest information right in your hand. Check out up-to-date news, upcoming events, and watch lectures. Immerse yourself in the Simon community.

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