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  • Caesar's Cipher / ROT-Cypher



    This is an application for decoding text encrypted with the Caesar's Cipher also known as ROT-Encryption.

  • Kalaha - African Board Game



    Kalaha - african board game This is a first Version NO FANCY Layout! Well playing computer-AI-opponent New releases ahead. Please comment, what you think about the app!

  • AdMob的儀表板



    檢查和跟踪AdMob的收益來自世界各地的。快速和簡單。一個簡單,乾淨AdMob的控制台視圖來跟踪你的收入。這是一個簡單而有效的AdMob的Andr​​oid的應用程序。此應用程序是*僅* *開發人員,廣告支持的應用程序生活!你需要你的AdMob的/谷歌登錄。觀看您的AdMob的帳戶與一個方便,快捷的應用程序。它只是顯示您的AdMob的控制台。將您的主屏幕上的圖標,您不必啟動瀏覽器,書籤和URL擺弄。! -...

  • Ohm's Law Easy



    An easy ohm's law caculator, that shows the connection between voltage, current and resistance. Can be used for teaching the Ohms' Law in class. (Permissions are needed for the ads, NO access to any (real) personal information. Coarse (!) Location is needed to show the ads in your...

  • Hintdecoder for Geocaching



    Simple and convenient program to decrypt/encrypt texts e.g. within the game of geocaching. You can choose between different ROT-methods (ROT13,ROT18,ROT47,custom) and different methods of conversion and summing up as A=1, A=26, Vanity/SMS, ASCII and Crossfoot. But let the users speak (comments...

  • 隱姓埋名專用瀏覽器



    INCO是一個全功能安全,改名和私人瀏覽器Android。INCO是最好的瀏覽器,如果你想訪問的成人,交友,電影,醫療或私人的,沒有人知道比自己的網站!所有訪問過的網頁,並在退出時刪除所有數據(餅乾,形式,歷史)。然而,您可以保存私人書籤,並記得他們使用相同的密碼,在您的下一屆會議。讓您能夠隱藏你的私人衝浪的母親,姐姐,爸爸,同事或你的老闆的眼睛。瀏覽不同的配置文件,每個配置文件,當中載有其自己的私人書籤,或選擇無個人資料的快速和容易的衝浪。不同的配置不同的密碼,沒有簽署或任何其他的麻煩 -...

  • Ohm's Law PLUS



    ************************** YOU can HELP us, by translating the app into your language. To do so follow the link and fill the form, it will cost you no more than 3 Minutes. http://goo.gl/0n58n ************************** An easy ohm's law caculator, that shows the connection between voltage,...

  • THE Percentage Calculator



    Percentor is the ultimate percentage calculator app! Percentor is an all-in-one percentage calculator! Enter two values or one value and one percent-value. Percentor quickly calculates the following figures and tells you how to understand. Two values (A+B) - A is x% of B. - B is x% of B. - A...

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