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  • ★★★★★ | 75% OFF Sparse RSS PRO




    ★★★★★ Give Sparse RSS Pro Reader a try, every app is free to try on Android, now see for yourself what this App can do. P.S. please to first remove the Sparsee RSS Free application. This application fetches more than 14 articles while the free version only fetch 7 for each feed update...

  • Push to email - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



    Move your favorite content from wherever it is to wherever you want it without ads and with just one click using the innovative Push To Email app. Like Pocket or Instapaper or the old Read It Later -- only better and easier to use -- this app moves web content to your email box so you can read it...

  • FeedsAPI RSS新聞閱讀器★★★★★


    ★★★★★FeedsAPI RSS閱讀器是一個全文的RSS閱讀器,使得它非常容易閱讀全文內容,從任何消息來源上一按,或將其的instapaper帳戶上在雲中去的故事保存PDF格式的,你可以同步所有的谷歌閱讀器訂閱,FeedsAPI一次點擊和進口以及導出OPML文件在幾秒鐘內。通過這個應用程序的文章導航是一個的樂趣,swyping,S...

  • 免費飼料稀疏RSS臨



    最好的RSS閱讀器| RSS部件|全文Android的RSS Feed閱讀器:免費版全文稀疏RSS專業新聞讀者的APP!特點:* Android的全文顯示 RSS新聞閱讀器*社會共享(Facebook,Twitter的,G +和更多...)*互動部件和用戶友好的UI*數據存儲或備份 SD卡*自動化的飼料承認和飼料排序*多語言支持(EN,NL,JA,ES,FR,TR,DE)*可選的本地圖片存儲*定期自動更新所有飼料可選的通知* Instapaper同步*打印文章PDF與本地存儲* OPML IM和出口**易於使用*...

  • nicezine news portal directory



    Nicezine is a mobile site news portal and directory listing the best source of information around the web, just take a look adn discover amazing webapps around the web.

  • Soccer World Cup 2010 - WM2010




    Download Soccer World Cup 2010, the simple and powerfull user friendly Android application for the coming soccer world cup 2010 and you'll be able to get the latest Soccer world cup 2010 games updates while on the go or lying on the couch. You choose.Our softwares make love to your...

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