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You can Play AVI, FLV, MP4, H264, WMV and 3GP videos in your Android Phone instantly with this featured video player! Its the best video player in the android market, quality movie player with useful on touch player controls features..Totally FREE Version!! Its with Chinese interface, specially designed for Chinese (China) speaking peoples.

☻ AVI / AVI Player
☻ FLV / FLV Player
☻ H264 / H264 Player
☻ MP4 / MP4 Player
☻ MPG2 / MPG2 Player
☻ 3GP / 3GP Player
☻ WMV / WMV Player

► 最常用的视频格式的支持。
► 其详细信息,请参阅您的影片名单。
► 在触摸播放器的控制,亮度,音量,搜索栏和变焦。
► 与你的朋友分享您最喜爱的影片。
► 添加书签,使您的影片我的最爱清单。
► 和许多其他有用的功能。


Developed By: Joltatech
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