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Locus 地圖 Pro- outdoor GPS

Locus 地圖 Pro- outdoor GPS


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!!! Problem on Android devices 4.4 !!! There is not possible to store data on external card from Locus. Please move the directory Locus to the internal phone storage manually. More here


- USGS, GSI, Openstreetmap, MapQuest, Visicom,, Turistautak, SHOCart, SmartMaps, Freemap, SledMap, Skoterleder, Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,, ChartBundle 多
- 其中大部分是下載,脫機使用無細胞覆蓋
- 完全支持WMS地圖

- 矢量地圖,城市,汽車,徒步旅行,自行車,滑雪 - 通過在應用程序的計費下載
- ,RMAP,TAR格式的SQLite地圖,MBT地圖,GEMF,Orux,SmartMaps支持
- 創建自己的地圖OpenStreetMap數據或自定義主題

- 地址,坐標,自己點的,局部的照片
- 由谷歌的地方,維基百科的地方,

- 處理點/曲目數量不限,分類,排序,編輯,導入,導出和更

- 尋寶現場使用!服務和附加,以獲得完整的離線經驗,當你搜索的高速緩存
- 支持航點,PocketQuery,trackables,擾流板

- 無限的可能性配置
- 自定義樣式的地圖,喜歡的顏色海拔高度,速度
- 支持ANT +傳感器

- 全面支持在線語音導航
- 語音和單航點(羅盤上圖)和沿路徑引導的通知

- 整合GPSies,的麵包屑Trainingstagebuch,街景,谷歌地球和其他
- 工作與KMZ,KML,GPX,OpenAir,DXF格式 (export)

- 特殊的方法來處理GPS。當前形勢下,GPS狀態的通知,藍牙GPS,先進的系統,禁用GPS是必要的,以節省電池的衛星屏幕


“天氣服務 - 地球上每一個地方的詳細預報7天/ 3小時
➤儀表板 - 完全可定制的
➤能夠使用的應用程序,如C:地理,Sygic GPS狀態和其他直接從軌跡
- 尋寶:Geocaching4Locus,GeoGet數據庫,GSAK數據庫
- 其他:增強現實,四方等。


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*** 3.2.3 ***
add: ability to choose from MEDIA/NOTIFICATION for audio stream (Settings > Misc)
fix: (PRO) Wikipedia search now use different source and works again!
fix: problem with Backup manager
fix: issue with track record (restoring of previous state)
fix: incorrect times in Field Notes
fix: logging images over Field notes add-on
fix: incorrectly drawn navigation track (around your current location)
fix: transparency of multi-layer online maps defined by users XML file

对 Locus 地圖 Pro- outdoor GPS 的评论和评级
  • (77 星级)

    by Daniel Riel 在 15/09/2014

    I paid for the pro version and this app allowes me only to download 3 caches each 24h. Disappointing.. :(

  • (77 星级)

    by Craig Dunning 在 14/09/2014

    Very limited help files, and unintuitive U/I.

  • (77 星级)

    by Ali Humayev 在 14/09/2014

    Because when you wish do download maps for off-line usage it has limitation for downloading - only one map per day. It is very strange because such limitations are common for free or trial versions but not for PRO versions. So if you plan a trip across several countries (e.g. 5) you must spend 5 days for downloading maps. Very disappointed with such feature - waste of money - in spite other option

  • (77 星级)

    by Greg Brevern 在 14/09/2014

    When started, it just says "Working" nothing else (for at least an hour). This screen can hold the phone powered up (ie prevents auto shutdown). Unless you remember to shutdown manually, the battery can go into 'deep discharge' & be damaged.

  • (77 星级)

    by James Timmerman 在 13/09/2014

    Very robust, well supported. This app is being actively developed, both fixes and feature expansion.

  • (77 星级)

    by Adam Kaczmarek 在 12/09/2014

    Perfect with offline vector maps and custom poi pack for tourism.

  • (77 星级)

    by Toby Munro 在 08/09/2014

    Using this with imported mobac aerial maps and shape files from qgis - amazing to have all features of datasets in the field and without data requirement. Great work!