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  • Great concept
  • Makes typing difficult

"Bigger Keys May Slow You Down"

审查者 / Mar 30, 2015

This app makes keys bigger, but slows down typing in the long run.


While the ThickButtons Keyboard is a good idea in theory, the reality is a little different. The keyboard is supposed to be dynamic and will highlight and enlarge what it anticipates to be the next letter with the intent on making texting and typing faster and more convenient. But that's not what it does. Instead it messes with the flow of typing and if something isn't highlighted, it's almost too small to hit.


This app has a great concept to help people type faster and improve accuracy with on a touch screen device.


The thick buttons are more of a hindrance than a help.

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== ThickButtons Keyboard ==

Simplicity and efficiency! We believe less is more and that is what makes typing process easy and lightning fast. As you type a word, ThickButtons enlarges and highlights those buttons which you will most likely press and shrinks all the others which reduces the chance of making an error, especially on devices with average screen size.

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Unlike other keyboards that make you learn new input methods, ThickButtons changes itself dynamically as you type, helping you to improve typing speed, accuracy and make less errors. Save your valuable time and be more efficient with ThickButtons!

Our goal is to save your valuable time, that’s why we’ve developed a set of features that strive for your typing efficiency and simplicity. Each of them is based on predictions and learning users habits. But what exactly makes typing with ThickButtons so fast and efficient? Have a look at these awesome features and you will find out!

== Key Features ==

- Buttons that are most likely to be pressed next are highlighted and enlarged which greatly reduces the chance of making an error.
- Word suggestions based on the frequency of the word usage in specific language and usage of the word by the user.
- Voice input support.
- ThickButtons can learn new words typed by the user.
- Highly customizable button resizing modes. Turn on and off button resizing in portrait or landscape modes, customize the buttons enlargement.

ThickButtons supports the following languages and keyboard layouts (we are currently working on more languages support):

== Languages supported ==

Bulgarian – Българска клавиатура,
Czech -Česká klávesnice,
Croatian – Hrvatske tipkovnice,
Danish – Danske tastatur,
Dutch -Nederlands toetsenbord,
English Keyboard,
Estonian – Eesti klaviatuur,
Finnish – Suomen näppäimistö,
French – Clavier français,
German – Deutsch Tastatur,
Greek – Ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο,
Hungarian – Magyar billentyűzet,
Italian – Tastiera italiana,
Latvian – Latvijas klaviatūras,
Lithuanian – Lietuvos klaviatūros,
Norwegian – Norsk tastatur,
Polish – Polska klawiatura,
Portuguese – Teclado Português,
Romanian – Român tastatură,
Russian – Русская клавиатура,
Serbian – cyrillic – Ћирилица српска тастатура,
Serbian – latin – Latin srpskoj tastaturi,
Slovak – Slovenská klávesnica,
Slovenian – Slovensko tipkovnico,
Spanish – Teclado en español,
Swedish – Svenskt tangentbord,
Turkish – Türkçe klavye,
Ukrainian -Українськa клавіатурa

== Permission explanation ==
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - required for voice input. This permission just check if there is an internet connection. ThickButtons *does not* require INTERNET permission, which is needed to actually use network connection.
RECORD_AUDIO - voice input
VIBRATE - vibrate on typing
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - export dictionaries to paid version

== Support ==

To find out how to use ThickButtons and features overview visit


Minor improvements.

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  • (48)

    通过 norton 在 19/03/2012

    Really like the app but on my S2 there is no send button while texting. I have to write text>go home>back to text and then it is there.This I'm afraid makes the app unusable for me.

  • (48)

    通过 Mei Lan Foo 在 10/01/2014

  • (48)

    通过 Alan N. 在 17/02/2013

    Seems not compatible with ICS 4.0.4 ATM.