PL2303GPS MockLocationProvider



ATTENTION! Users of prior versions: Uninstall the app, then reinstall it freshly from Play Store, if you get a 'read_data' Error. This is because of changes in config file for the version 2.1 and up!

You have a tablet without GPS? But you have a tablet with USB host enabled! Or you want to pair your Android-Phone's internal GPS with your Android-table via Bluetooth or WIFI? All that is possible...

Now you can connect an USB-GPS-stick or your Phone's GPS to your device!
There are various GPS-sticks in the markets. This App is made for a
(Prolifac) PL2303-serialTousb-GPS-Stick (Navilock NL 464 US, GISteq GR-110, GISteq TB-110)

Tested with Navilock NL 464 US - USB-GPS-Stick.

Tested with Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy, POV mobii Tegra II, Advent Vega, Viewpad 10s, B&N nook color.

No kernel-support for the USB-gps needed! The driver is buildin the app and is loaded on the fly - host mode will also be enabled on the fly!

Now we support Pairing of internal Android-GPS from Phone to Tablet via Bluetooth and via WIFI!

Install and start this App on an Android Phone and setup the settings for transmitting.
Install and start this App on an Android tablet and setup the setting for receiving.

This App connects your GPS-stick to the Android Operating System, by delivering GPS data via mock location provider developers function.
It has been tested to communicate with Google Maps, Navigon, Soviet Military Maps.

The app has buildin Viewpanels for GPS-Status, Satellites Status, Compass, Vehicle-Levels in degrees and Mapview for the current location.

So you now can breath in new life into your cheap tablet.
Please use the free Test-Version of PL2303 Mock Location Provider,

You can test the DEMO version of
PL2303GPS Mock Location Provider here in PlayStore!


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