Perfect App Lock Pro(中国的)

Perfect App Lock Pro(中国的)


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"Where were you tapping, kid?"

审查者 / Jul 12, 2011

This app locks the apps you choose to prevent unwanted activation.

Perfect AppLock locks some apps such as Android Market by default and allows locking any other app we choose. An app locked must be unlocked by a secret four digit number that's set previously but can be changed at anytime.

There's 'find' button to get a hint, just in case you forget what your secret number was. As it doesn't try to hide anything, it works smooth, and it's a good choice for those who have children, dogs or whatever prone to touch where it shouldn't.

Another interesting feature is changing the numerical password for a pattern password. The settings menu is excellent and this Pro version has no ads. Just in case it wasn't obvious, the first thing that Perfect AppLock Pro locks is the settings menu, so no app -even this- can be uninstalled without your consent.

In conclusion, we can say that Morrison Smart Software has done a very good job. Recommendable.

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** FREE版本的所有功能与期限都与PRO版本一样! **

是使用密码锁定应用的"Perfect App Lock" 的Pro版本

信息,邮件,图片,等应用可分别锁定, 也可以锁定USB链接的最佳保护应用.(支持方便的微件!)

# 特征
- 完美的 App 锁定保护.
- 支持隐形模式(隐藏图标)
- 支持各应用的"screen filter" 功能(在公共场所防止旁人观看)
- 支持各应用的"无自动旋转画面" 功能.
- 支持指纹稍描功能
- 可锁定USB链接.
- 美观的画面.

# 通知
* "通话" 权限是为了隐形模式而需要的.
* "我的信息" 权限是为了SMS命令而需要.
* 如有安装两种Home Launcher,必须设其一为基本设定以防应用失效
* 使用TaskKiller,管理记录本等的应用时可能会导致应用失效. 为此需要安装SystemProcessManager.
* 输入密码窗口提示过慢时,请在设置中关闭桌面背景


* v7.1.8 : Fixed bugs of Lollipop.(05 Apr 2015)

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