Lookout 安全杀毒卫士(防盗定位备份)


Lookout 安全杀毒卫士(防盗定位备份)'s review

An award-winning security app.

  • Back up
  • Phone locator
  • Lightweight
  • There are many similar apps right now

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"Protect your phone from malware!"


Lookout Mobile Security is an interesting and helpful tool that provides users with three main features. Besides scanning threatening applications, Lookout helps you back up the contacts, call history and files so nothing is lost. In addition, it helps you protect your phone from loss, as you can easily locate it by making your phone ring even if it's in silent mode.


The app is definitely complete and the design is simple enough so you don't get lost. All the features are easily accessible and help you keep your device safe, so it's obviously a great idea to have it installed it in your device.


The only thing we can think of is that there are many similar apps like this right now. It's become a trend. And some of them have better usability. Even though, Lookout is definitely essential.

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