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还在 :  

  • Ease to use
  • Amount of history and logs for clearing
  • Doesn't clear call logs on Galaxy S
  • Doesn't work properly on oldest devices

"Take the rubber and erase it all"

审查者 / Jun 28, 2011

History Eraser is a phone cleaner that allows you to erase different logs

As we used our Android we start to generate logs all around: call logs, sms logs, search history, app cache files, among others. Although those logs doesn't suppose a huge part of the memory usage, they can influence our phone's performance. History Eraser's aim is to help you to clean fast and easy all these logs. Let's zoom on it:

History Eraser allows you to erase the following logs:

- Browse history

- Call Log


- Market Search History

- Google Map Search History

- Gmail Search History

- Clipboard Data

- Youtube Search History

- Google Search History

- All app cache files

- Frequently Called

It has to be said that, in general, it works properly. However, we've noticed that in some devices, some logs can't be erased. For example, we couldn't clear call logs on Samsung Galaxy S, and we don't know why. There wasn't a trouble with the others logs. In other devices, specially the oldest ones, some other logs clearing doesn't work either.

History Eraser has been developed by INFOLIFE, LLC, a settled developer focused on Android system apps: task manager, uninstallers, backup & restore,etc.

Despite of its catches, History Eraser is a worthy app. It's going to free your phone for that hidden burden that are the history logs.

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■ 功能
• 清除浏览器历史记录
• 清除通话记录
• 清除市场搜索历史记录
• 清除Google地图搜索历史记录
• 清除Gmail搜索历史记录
• 清除粘贴板数据
• 清除Youtube搜索历史记录
• 清除Google搜索历史记录(Android > 1.6)
• 删除简讯/短信息
• 清除所有应用的快取/缓存
• 清除常用通话记录
• 清除下载历史记录
• 删除指定会话的短信记录
• 删除指定的通话记录

■ 用户评价
好好用。 很方便也很贴心帮手机清理的工具哟! -- by 梅芷睿

方便 操作简单 我用很久了 一直觉得这是一个很棒的app -- by Google 用户

很好用的app 希望连浏览纪录都可以清理那就更好了(///▽///) -- by 彭绍舜

方便实用 简讯!通话记录!想删谁就删三秒就轻鬆搞定! -- by 许允斌

很棒的程式 小而美又好用的程式,若能跟高级任务管理器结合就更好了 -- by 李伟程

很方便清理垃圾 很棒点软件 -- by gd wong

实用。 清一清感觉手机速度有变比较快。本人拿note. -- by 郑文琪

■ 常见问题
问:为什么关于google map无法清理?
答:如果发现google map无法清理,请使用您的google账户,登录,把您的web History 删除,这样以后就不会在google map裡显示了,以后使用本app就能完全清理乾淨,如有疑问,请发mail给我


Fix samsung calllog clear bug

fix bug of widget

fix sms/mms bug for android 4.4

#v5.2 UI
2.fix bugs

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