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Calendar Notepad [v1.0]
Calendar Notepad is an Android-based mobile application software, provides a calendar with the people's lives, and the reminder function of the query, and displays information about the day almanac, almanac, for the love of friends as a reference. In additional functions, integrated holiday, almanac, physical laws, Notepad, reminder and other useful tools. For you to record life's chores, reminder, as an important assistant!

★Calendar Notepad is running, will display the calendar of the main interface, press one day, will pop up showing the details of the day dialog, and new activities, record itinerary.
★Press the MENU button will pop-up button, you can display all dates in the month, you can see the days of the details, as well as records of things every week, including holiday reminder.
★Festival provides a common tool in the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar and ethnic festivals information and history about the holiday description. User-friendly personal holiday festival will be important information saved in the calendar display.
★The schedule can be seen in all of China's fake holiday, diaries record the current user's schedule cycle.
★Users can create events, some of the major issues, work, visits, dating, female rhythm and some other items of test records, recorded, and can set an alarm to remind, or with service reminders, and better help the user entry in with the reminder.
★Interface with wood flooring materials and design, so you feel fresh and comfortable.


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