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With AT&T Locker, your photos, documents and videos can be uploaded automatically to the cloud and are secured in one convenient place. Your content is easy to access on your phone, tablet and computer from virtually anywhere. With the Easy Upload feature, photos and videos can be backed up automatically from your device over Wi-Fi or AT&T's wireless network. It's also easy to share to email, Facebook and Twitter.

-Your content is backed up in the cloud in one convenient place.
-Easily access your photos, videos and documents from your phone, tablet, and computer
-Photos and videos can be automatically uploaded to your AT&T Locker from your phone and tablet
-Easy to share to email, Facebook and Twitter
-5 GB of storage is free. Additional free storage (up to 50GB total storage) is available to Mobile Share Value customers that download AT&T Locker and follow the upgrade steps.*

Follow these steps to upgrade:
-After logging into your AT&T Locker account select:
-Go to Account or Settings
-Go to My Plan
-Select Upgrade Plan

50GB of storage is available to other customers by following the same steps.

- Store music from your computer to your AT&T Locker and playback on your mobile or tablet device.
-Slideshow mode lets you turn your tablet into a digital photo frame to view and share your favorite moments
Data rates may apply for wireless usage.
Requires compatible device (Android smartphone w/OS2.2+. Adroid tablets 8"+ w/4.0+ or a computer w/internet). You must enable the Easy Upload feature in order to upload automatically from your phone or tablet content. Service for US based AT&T subscribers only. Free storage amounts subject to change or may be discontinued at any time. For full terms, see The collection, use and disclosure of any personal information through this application are goverened by AT&T's Privacy Policy found at
PLEASE NOTE: You must have an AT&T Access ID to login and use AT&T Locker. An AT&T Access ID acs as a universal login to access AT&T Locker and your other AT&T accounts. If you haven't created an AT&T Access ID yet, you can sign up on the Login screen of the Locker app or at on your computer.
This application may be downloaded and used only by customers of AT&T.

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