AppMgr III (App 2 SD)


AppMgr III (App 2 SD)'s review

App 2 SD identifies those apps that are movable to SD

  • List of movable and non-movable apps
  • 1-tap clear all app cache
  • Movable app notification every time you install
  • App management features
  • Design

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"Running out of storage? Move your apps to the SD card"

Checking which apps are movable to SD card and which are not becomes an usual operation when you begin to run out app storage. And it's annoying to do it over and over. App 2 SD helps you do it seamlessly.

Once installed, it will automatically list all movable apps. Then you can move them to SD card one by one or all apps at once. What's more, every time you will install a new app, it will notify you if it's movable or non-movable to SD. Bear in mind that some apps (app widgets, alarm services, sync adapters, device administrations and many other) cannot be moved to SD because they use Android system resources.

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