單鍵清除專家 (1Tap Cleaner Pro) 專業版

單鍵清除專家 (1Tap Cleaner Pro) 專業版


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  • 4-in-1 cleaner
  • Ease of use
  • Automatize processes
  • Your device's performance improves "slightly"

"Smudge free"

审查者 / Mar 28, 2013

1Tap Cleaner is a comprehensive task, cache, and log cleaner

This is the Pro version of 1Tap Cleaner which removes all restrictions and add new features.

Is your device running slower than a few months ago? Well, don't worry, that's pretty common. That's probably due to cache which is filling your memory up. When that happens, the best move is to clean it up. 1Tap Cleaner can help you in that regard.

1Tap Cleaner is a 4-in-1 cleaner. It helps you clear apps cached files, search histories, call/text log and system created default action settings. However, it doesn't require expert knowledge: it has made it such easy that users only need a single tap to clean each category. Obviously it displays info about the storage usage in each category. After that, just leave it working. In a few seconds your device will send unneeded cache files to trash.

1Tap Cleaner also allows users to automatize some processes and set notifications when done. It even allows to run and uninstall apps from its dashboard. In brief, a helpful tool to help your device take a breath.

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*** 已超過 5,000,000 人下載 ***

★ 清除快取
★ 清除搜尋瀏覽紀錄
★ 清除電話簡訊紀錄
★ 清除預設設定

本應用提供四種不同功能的清除功能。"清除快取"、"清除搜尋瀏覽紀錄" 和 "清除通話簡訊紀錄" 功能,協助你清除手機應用所產生的快取檔、搜尋紀錄、瀏覽紀錄與通話與簡訊紀錄。這些功能可增加手機內部儲存的使用空間,並可清除你個人的隱私紀錄。如果你曾經針對某些執行動作,設定要由指定的應用來服務,你也可以透過 "清除預設設定" 功能,協助你清除這些預設設定值。

單鍵或定時自動清除快取、搜尋紀錄和電話紀錄,更重要的是你不再需要 ROOT 你的手機,就可擁有這些功能!如果你有手機空間不足的困惱,常要管理應用所佔用的空間,或是常要清除個人隱私相關紀錄,本應用是你必安裝的良伴。

★ 單鍵清除所有應用所產生的快取檔案
★ 單鍵清除所有搜尋紀錄和瀏覽器中的瀏覽紀錄
★ 單鍵清除來電、去電、未接來電、常聯繫者等紀錄
★ 一次列出所有的預設開啟應用供你清除該預設設定值
★ 定時自動清除快取、搜尋紀錄和通話紀錄,可自行設定自動清除週期
★ 當手機空間不足時,自動清除快取檔所佔用的空間
★ 當快取檔佔用的空間大於你指定的大小時,會自動通知你
★ 依照程式名稱、快取、資料、程式或是總共大小,依序列出安裝的所有應用
★ 開啟Google Play中之應用安裝視窗
★ 解除安裝應用
★ 開啟應用
★ 開啟系統之應用程式資訊視窗
★ 更多定時清除週期選項 - 專業版才提供

* INTERNET: for sending the crash report

關於使用說明及常見問題與回答,請點選 MENU > 設定 > 關於

http://goo.gl/EaSd8 (Video)

*** Android 4 (ICS) 的使用者 ***
* 由於 Android 4.0.1/4.0.2 系統的問題,清除所有快取的功能可能不會有作用。該問題已被 Google 修復在 Android 4.0.3 之後的版本。
* Android 4.0.x does not enable 3rd apps to clear frequently called log. Google fixed this problem in Android 4.1

由於 Android 系統的限制,如果你要使用桌面小工具,你必須要將本應用裝在手機內部儲存器中。

No Notification Ads - we don't use any notification ads.

We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.


★ bugs fixed and optimizations

★ you can now clear cache with 1-tap by specifying the tap action for the circle widget
★ don't request the root permission when sending the app log
★ fixed: not show clear cache notification in some cases

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  • (72)

    by Erik Bretz 在 01/11/2014

    Does a great job everyday will prompt the one touch clean and how much space you will gain

  • (72)

    by Regina Damore 在 30/10/2014

    This is the best cleaner app I've encountered so far. It only cleans up exactly what you want without any surprises!

  • (72)

    by Doreen Galvin 在 23/10/2014

    Excellent way to clean up your phone. 1 click of a button.... and done

  • (72)

    by Lolly Parker 在 08/10/2014

    It is now a 2Tap widget to clear cache instead of 1Tap :-(

  • (72)

    by Kyle Bartley 在 27/09/2014

    This has always found a place on each of my devices! It is the definitive choice for my cache cleaning. Dev is responsive with detailed and prompt updates!

  • (72)

    by 鄭泳茵 在 20/09/2014


  • (72)

    by Scott Dingley 在 17/09/2014

    Hi Sam. Any chance you can make the widget open on refresh, clear page. Thank you.