Lookout 安全杀毒卫士(防盗定位备份)

Lookout 安全杀毒卫士(防盗定位备份)

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  • Back up
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"Protect your phone from malware!"

审查者 / Jun 01, 2011

An award-winning security app.


Lookout Mobile Security is an interesting and helpful tool that provides users with three main features. Besides scanning threatening applications, Lookout helps you back up the contacts, call history and files so nothing is lost. In addition, it helps you protect your phone from loss, as you can easily locate it by making your phone ring even if it's in silent mode.


The app is definitely complete and the design is simple enough so you don't get lost. All the features are easily accessible and help you keep your device safe, so it's obviously a great idea to have it installed it in your device.


The only thing we can think of is that there are many similar apps like this right now. It's become a trend. And some of them have better usability. Even though, Lookout is definitely essential.

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免费的手机杀毒 (antivirus),防盗,防毒安全卫士。手机必备的安全管家。Lookout为您的手机和平板电脑提供全面的安全保障:防毒,定位,扫毒,备份。


超过6千万的用户信任Lookout, 媒体也赞誉Lookout:
★ TechCrunch -10款最佳免费安全应用
★ LAPTOP 杂志 - “安卓设备最佳安全应用!”
★ PCWorld - “Lookout应为您安卓市场首站!”


• 应用扫描: 实时云端扫描,有效查杀恶意程序,手机病毒,广告软件和间谍软件

• 定位及鸣响: 通过谷歌地图定位追踪手机。即使手机静音也能激活防盗警报。
• Signal Flare: ‘信号弹’功能在手机低电时自动保存手机位置

• 联系人备份: 备份保存您的谷歌联系人
• 数据下载: 下载备份至电脑并可随时上传盗现有的手机或平板电脑

Lookout 免费提供高级版本两周试用 - 无需信用卡信息。高级版本功能包括:

+ 防盗警报("Theftie"): 有人未经许可使用你的设备时,Lookout会拍下快照,记录设备位置,并发送提示邮件。
+ 安全浏览: 拦截钓鱼网站等不安全链接
+ 隐私顾问: 提供应用信息,保护个人隐私
+ 锁定及删除: 远程锁定屏幕并清除手机数据,自定义锁屏信息
+ 其它付费功能: 备份照片及通话纪录,或转移备份数据于新设备,高级技术支持,等。



请注意: 如果您启用‘更佳防护,卸载时请前往[设定] -> [位置与安全性]-> [设备管理员],然后取消[Lookout]。 如有问题,请联络support at lookout.com。

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

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  • (72)

    通过 sammysam400_2770641 在 04/02/2013

    I like this autivirus safety app, works well with my Samsung G SII, Everytime an app is downlaoded it scans and I am instantly informed if it has passed, which must of my downloaded apps have. Security for your phone.

  • (72)

    通过 Ali Aslam 在 12/01/2013

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  • (72)

    通过 Siprian 在 31/03/2012

    foarte bun

  • (72)

    通过 kplantdesigns 在 18/04/2011

    Well it may be a good product, but if you delete it, they wont let you go, you will be bombarded by a constant barrage of non-stop emails.
    To be quite honest, if I needed phone security, I would recommend AVG, its free and it works.

    KP Birmingham

  • (72)

    通过 dhubbar1 在 13/02/2011

    Just installed 'Lookout Mobile Security Free' and ran preliminary tests. Very impressed, especially with 'missing device' feature. Will seriously consider upgrading to 'premium' version after gaining more familiarity with 'free' version. - Dave H

  • (72)

    通过 glostyx 在 03/02/2011

    It drained my battery 25% in 15 mins and my phone over heated badly im pretty sure it still works but i would not recomend this for anybody with an droid 2

  • (72)

    通过 Nam Mee Lee 在 10/04/2015