SilentSnap Camera Free

SilentSnap Camera Free

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Silent Snap Camera allows u to take photos without the annoying camera click! This setting is disabled on many phones Silent Snap will override this for u to take silent shots or use spy camera style

SilentSnap Camera Pro NO SPLASH

Negative comment pls EMAIL phone make/model

Not Supported Devices:
X10 Mini Pro
LG Optimus(GT540)

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NEW PERMISSION - is used by google adverts, only added because we had to (it checks if your on wifi or 3g to decide when to show adverts)!

Added more data to the feedback option. If this app doesn't work for your device, please go into the menu and press 'App Info' > 'Send Feedback'. Thankyou.

Added some more french devices this is based on data sent by user's who send the in app feedback email, thank you for your time and effort.

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  • (51 星级)

    通过 cadjuvgo 在 16/09/2011

    Not working with ZTE Blade. :/

  • (51 星级)

    通过 aciddrynker 在 25/03/2011

    ZTE Blade 2.1 - anoying "click" is still there