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新聞強度最勁爆,採訪內容最深入,報導形式最活潑,呈現角度最有創意。優秀的新聞動畫,把艱澀的新聞變簡單易懂;全世界獨一無二的真人主播結合動畫,詮釋新聞最生動。現在您可以透過壹電視新聞的應用程式, 在iPhone, iPod touch和iPad 收看您最喜歡的壹電視即時新聞與新聞節目。每天24小時, 每星期7天
‧用最真實的三D動畫來還原新聞事件現場, 幫助觀眾更了解事件的始末
‧一個在亞洲最頂尖, 最高清晰度HD播放新聞電視台

NextTV News, a newly-established news channel of Taiwan Next TV under Next Media Group, provides real-time news updates and live events. It is also the most influential and most anticipated news media in Taiwan. We offer both general news broadcasts. With explosive topics, in-depth interviews, and exclusive reports, we bring our audience the most compelling perspective. State of the art 3D animation enriches the story telling and makes information easier to digest. The one and only "anchor animation" further enhances our newscasts, both innovatively and comprehensively. Now you can download NextTV news app from iTunes to watch our live newscasts on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 24/7.
* Mandarin news broadcast of the most in-depth and real-time stories from Taiwan, China, Asia-Pacific region and international world.
* Latest coverage in politics, crime and investigation, business, health, entertainment, sports, and weather forecast, both domestically and internationally.
* Click on live programs anytime, anywhere and also a full list of news video on your demand.
* Share your favorites stories via Facebook with your friends.
* 3-D news animation reconstructing events for better understanding
* Top-notched HD broadcasting in Asia
* Breaking news alerts bring you the latest around the world

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壹電視新聞台APP 2.0版,最人性化的個人化服務,最即時的新聞,Android OS 2.3或以上版本均相容,歡迎網友下載。

1. 調整使用介面效能,使用更順暢
2. 修正 Android 4.0以上因沒有下載Flash而無法觀看直播的問題
3. 修正 Facebook 版本更新而無法分享問題

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