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Mobile Life

全新Mobile Life - 豐富手機資訊4平台全面睇

全新推出的《Mobile Life》內容豐富,每月提供最新最全面的手機介紹及資訊, 話題手機一網打盡,還有手機專題和最熱Apps推 介等。其他精采內容還包括通訊科技、旅遊玩樂、飲食推介、品味家居及電視節目推介,是你每個月不可或缺的手機生活資訊雜誌。

《Mobile Life》跨越4個平台,除印刷本外,更設有網頁版、Android版和iPad版,讓你隨時隨地,自由選擇閱讀方式。

Mobile Life

Brand new Mobile Life – You can know all about mobile on 3 platforms

Brand new Mobile Life magazine is your infotainment guide of the month featuring all new hot mobile devices and mobile Apps. It will also cover telecommunications, travel, restaurant recommendations, interior design and TV highlights.

The Mobile Life magazine provides excellent content in a choice of convenient media. In addition to the printed version, you can also access the online version, Android version and iPad version, enabling you to choose exactly how you prefer to view the content.


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