SLaP! 是由4名怀有摇滚音乐梦的青年所组成的乐团,Jack任主唱兼吉他手,Rambo主音吉他手, 贝斯手为Edwin,鼓手则是Leslie 。成军13年,累积不少演出经验,其中包括受邀远赴台湾演出。他们发行过2张Demo EP和2张专辑,也曾经入围08年马来西亚娱协奖最佳团体奖。
SLaP! 的意思是一个巴掌拍不响,玩音乐玩到老,互相扶持,团结一致是他们由始至终的理念。
SLaP! Is formed by 4 young adult, Jack as lead singer and guitarist, Rambo as lead guitar, Edwin as bassist, Leslie as drummer. The band has been Established 13 years, accumulated a lot of performance experience
, and was invitation went to perform in Taiwan. They have did 2 Demo EP and 2 albums, also been nominated for a 2008 Award for Best Group in Malaysia Entertainment Association Award.
There's an old saying that "One hand won't clap", that's why Slap decided to stay united with the band members till the end of time.


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