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This is the mobile phone 1.0 version of the CLIC-On-Health website

CLIC-on-Health is a collaboration of hospital, public and school librarians, in order to provide all the people of the greater Rochester, New York area with the high-quality healthcare information and resources they need to make wise lifestyle and healthcare choices. The project features:

Websites and RSS feeds from reliable, up-to-date websites. All of the websites follow the HON (Health on the Internet Foundation) guidelines for authoritative content, which distinguishes ads from reliable medical content.
Information on medical and healthcare providers in the Rochester region, through links to cooperating websites.
Training in the use of health information on the Internet.
The project is coordinated by the Rochester Regional Library Council (, a multi-type library consortium serving libraries in the 5-county (Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Wyoming and Ontario) Rochester area.

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