magiapp tricks for WhatsApp!

magiapp tricks for WhatsApp!

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  • Hilarious
  • Original
  • Easy to use
  • It needs video faking too
查看更大图片 - magiapp tricks for WhatsApp! 用于安卓的截屏
查看更大图片 - magiapp tricks for WhatsApp! 用于安卓的截屏
查看更大图片 - magiapp tricks for WhatsApp! 用于安卓的截屏

"Teasing time"

审查者 / Oct 17, 2012

Magiapp is a hilarious app for teasing your friends through Whatsapp

Sending messages, images and videos the way we use to send them via Whatsapp or other push notifications messaging apps seemed impossible a few years ago. Currently, we got used to that. When something got normal it's time to put it upside down to surprise those who use it. Well, more than surprising, it's teasing time.

Magiapp allows Whatsapp users to create fake images to tease their friends. What it basically does is add a different thumbnail to a real image. This way, contacts you send them will think the image you're sending is the one they're previewing on the thumbnail. However, once the image is download, what we will see when open it is the real image that was hidden behind.

It's as easy as adding a fake image and a real image by tapping the two squares of the app. Once done, select image quality and send it to your Whatsapp contacts or groups.

We're not responsible of the sexual, scatological or disgusting content you send/receive to/from your friends. We're just responsible of that 4th star it got for making us ROFL!

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Hide your best pics inside others, and have fun sharing them in WhatsApp! You will never know the next surprise...

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- Removed memory leaks!

-Added images from other sources as file explorers
-Memory bugs solved in most devices as SGS3

-Removed temporally the preview because of memory problems :(
-Added the generated images to the gallery for re-sending

-Added a preview to see the effect before sending the image
-Fixed minor bugs

-Fixed the error for those who only could select one picture :) :) :)
-Increase the quality of the big image ;)

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