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OpenVPN Settings

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+ By Friedrich Schäuffelhut

查看更大图片 OpenVPN Settings 用于 的 Android 的截屏
查看更大图片 OpenVPN Settings 用于 的 Android 的截屏
查看更大图片 OpenVPN Settings 用于 的 Android 的截屏
You need root, busybox, tun.ko and the openvpn binary!

Features: UI similar to Wi-Fi settings; Restart tunnel when connectivity changes (e.g. from wifi to 3g); Start on boot; Passphrase; DNS; Script-Security; Write and View Log File; Open Source (GPLv3);

The prerequisites screen will check your device for root, busybox, tun.ko and the openvpn binary! This should be useful to new users figuring out what's needed to get openvpn running.

A working openvpn config is required.

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Fix a possible NullPointerException in EnterUserPassword.
Add VIBRATE permission because app fails on some android 2.3.7 and 4.0.4 devices.
Fix VerifyError on Android 1.5.

This version will store your password if you wish to do so.

The ability to connect to multiple servers at a time has been dropped. See issue:

Please report any regressions at

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