Barnacle Wifi Tether


Barnacle Wifi Tether's review

Turn your Android into a hotspot via WiFi

  • Wireless hotspot
  • Download/Upload data tracking
  • List of clients connected
  • Doesn't work in some devices (doesn't recognize them)

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"Your Android WiFi router"

This app requires root access.

Barnacle WiFi is an app that turns your Android into a router WiFi. That's it, it uses your 3G/4G to generate a wireless connection point through which you can connect PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox or any other device that supports WiFi connection. It shows the "clients", that's it, the devices that are connected through your Android.

Don't expect to have a fast connection if you're using your phone connection to navigate on a computer. It's just for emergency situations, not to watch videos on Youtube or download a great amount of files. Watch out your data usage when you're tethering, specially if you have a data plan. The app includes a download/upload counter to monitor it.

Barnacle WiFi has been developed by Barnacle WiFi is the only app that they've launched so far. Despite of this, it seems they're on the right track in light of the success they're reaching with this app.

Barnacle is a great app that will, sorry for the expression, "save your ass" in certain situations: when you need to have Internet access to use some devices that doesn't have. High recommendable.

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