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Windchill Calculator Pro

Same great app as our Windchill Calculator but with more units of meas...

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Windchill Calculator

Are you a year round outdoor sports enthusiast? Catch yourself trying...

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Wind Chill Index

Wind Chill Index calculates wind chill (in ºF, ºC and Watts/Squared Me...

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Die werberfreie Biowetter App für Deutschland zeigt: - die beim Gehen...

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Calculadora meteorològica

Aquesta aplicació ha estat pensada per fer un seguit de càlculs molt c...

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Survival Guide

Pocket guide from the US military including many survival techniques a...

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Degrees is a minimalistic real-time weather app with unfortunate bugs.

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Quick Weather

Quick Weather provides easy access to the National Weather Service and...

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Ultimate Survival Manual

Made with special relieving colors for your eyes, this worldwide- all...

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Army Survival Guide

Put the entire Army survival guide on your phone, offline. Can install...

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The Hague Beaches

The Hague Beaches contains various information about the Dutch beaches...

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ZephyrPro Wind Speed Meter

This application brings the functionalities of an Anemometer (Wind Spe...

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