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Hulu: Watch TV & Stream Movies

Watch this season of your favorite shows and the hottest new series. Get into the commercial-free spirit, and stream the shows you love through either our new No Commercials plan or our existing Limited Commercials plan. Dive into all nine seasons of Seinfeld along with thousands of full seasons of top shows. You can also add SHOWTIME® directly thr…

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Wag! - Dog Walking

Need someone to take care of your dog when you’re busy, stuck at work, or on vacation? Wag! connects dog owners with loving dog walkers in their community they can hire on-demand for dog walking 7-days a week. Wag! is like having a trusted dog-loving neighbor or friend at your beck and call! Rest easy knowing your dog is in good care with a certif…

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下载 SKOUT - 交友、聊天、好友 SKOUT - 交友、聊天、好友 icon
SKOUT - 交友、聊天、好友

Skout 将您同附近或世界各地的陌生人联系在一起。下载免费的 Skout 应用程序,根据您设置的搜索参数,与搜索到的男性和女性聊天。与新朋友聊天、交换礼物、分享照片等!Skout 能够让您选择想要与之聊天的人,无论他们就在附近,还是在您想要去往的城市。下载最大的应用程序,寻找附近的新朋友!

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AARP Now puts the power of membership in the palm of your hand. Stay connected with daily news stories, explore events happening nearby and discover members-only benefits and discounts. It’s the best of AARP membership, whenever you want it and wherever you are. NEWS Catch up on the latest news in just a few minutes; AARP Now features daily storie…

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下载 熊猫泡泡 熊猫泡泡 icon

精心策划,好好利用每个泡泡,解救熊猫宝宝!一头邪恶的狒狒绑架了珍贵的熊猫宝宝,并把它们困在了丛林中。帮助焦急的熊猫妈妈消除同色泡泡,击败这头狒狒并把宝宝们送回妈妈身边。一路披荆斩棘通过越来越难的关卡,并利用元素之力完成任务。泡泡爆破魔法道具能帮你解救熊猫宝宝……组合使用威力更大哦!加入我们的暑期特卖活动:5折购买275个金币!活动时间: 8月5日-8月12日不…

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Postmates - Anything Delivered

Postmates delivers the best of your city to your door in minutes, from local foods to Chipotle and Starbucks. It’s the fastest, easiest way to shop local on-demand—place an order from any restaurant or store and a member of our fleet will pick it up and bring it straight to you! Speed: Order anything you want online. Our system takes into account…

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下载 UpForIt UpForIt icon

"Still looking to meet someone kissable for a flirty encounter or a playful mate to hang out with? We’ve got you covered! Start your dating journey with the UpForIt mobile application and enjoy steamy dates right from your phone. Enter the place where singles find each other online - contact, flirt, and share your flirty ideas with someone li…

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Lucktastic - Win Prizes

Lucktastic offers free scratch card games and real world prizes. With daily opportunities to win up to $10,000 in cash instantly, earn rewards, or enter contests, it’s hard to lose out. And now, you can enter to win $1 Million! Over $1.5 Million in prizes and rewards have already been awarded. With 250,000 real winners and counting — you could be…

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下载 Live.me™ - 最佳社交互動直播平台 Live.me™ - 最佳社交互動直播平台 icon
Live.me™ - 最佳社交互動直播平台

美國爆紅的社交直播平台Live.me入駐台灣!Live.me 是最佳的互動直播社交平台,你可以在這裡開始你的直播也可以觀看其他人直播。一起來直播、與你最喜愛的明星的互動,然後獲得獎勵與現金吧!在這裡,做你自己的直播,並且認識世界各地和你有相似興趣的人。當你分享你的生活片刻、生活風格及態度時,你將能認識新朋友並且獲得更多的追蹤者。直播你的生活,並且從你最死忠的粉絲…

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下载 战地风暴 战地风暴 icon

Facebook 2015 年度最佳移动游戏: 战地风暴!在《战地风暴》中,与好友一起组建联盟,争夺领土,体验最激烈的实时线上联盟大战!游戏特色1、争夺联盟领地• 掠夺敌人,控制更多资源• 侦查敌军,知己知彼百战百胜• 全景地图,随时掌握敌人动态2、抢夺终极核武• 实时战斗,战场瞬息万变!• 外交同盟,联合抵御强敌!• 核武争夺,联盟军团大战!3、多人实时战斗• 真人PK,与人斗其乐…

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下载 Bingo Bash(宾果游戏对战)- 免费宾果赌场 Bingo Bash(宾果游戏对战)- 免费宾果赌场 icon
Bingo Bash(宾果游戏对战)- 免费宾果赌场

全球排名第一的宾果游戏应用 – 全新的Wheel of Fortune® 宾果游戏!玩BINGO BASH(宾果游戏对战),加入全球400万玩家的行列 – 通过350多个关卡、50多种游戏方式,以及每两周添加的新游戏室赢大奖。全新游戏室: Wheel of Fortune® 宾果游戏! 美国排名第一的游戏节目和美国排名第一的宾果游戏史无前例地携手合作。* 在Wheel of Fortune® 的《Spin to Win》小游戏中赢前所未有的…

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Audiobooks from Audible

Enjoy books and great stories? Download Audiobooks from Audible, an Amazon company, to listen to books on the go. Story time is anytime with Audible! Listen to your favourite stories anywhere, from a breathtaking range of more than 180,000 titles downloadable to your Android devices. Audible has books ranging from best sellers to classics, and eve…

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