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My Daily Devotion Bible App

** Get My Daily Devotion - The #1 Free Daily Religious Bible App for Android ** My Daily Devotion provides daily inspiration each and every day on your smartphone. Every day you are greeted with a new prayer to take on the day in addition to a Bible verse with added commentary. All of this is presented in a beautiful and easy to use app. **NEW*…

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letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

letgo is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally. Easily make money selling what you don’t need and find great deals nearby on what you do. Electronics, games, clothes, cars, furniture, décor and much more. Featured by TechCrunch, Wired, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Apartment Therapy and others. Named one…

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Tired of boring online Auctions? Dealdash is here to make a change to the world of online auctions. You will love it instantly. How DealDash Works? 1. Buy Bids - Bids allow you to participate in the auction for a chance to win a nice deal. You’re can purchase bids in a variety of different pack sizes. The normal price per bid is 60¢ and with this…

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SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean)

Super B Cleaner can boost your phone to make phone faster by 50% and save battery by 20%. Enjoy the best Android and game experience, only at Super B Cleaner. Albeit only 2 MB, Super B Cleaner is a small but effective memory boost tool and battery extender. It can clean unnecessary background apps to boost your phone and save battery power. With p…

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Credit Sesame

Use Credit Sesame’s free app to view your credit score and credit report With our app, you can monitor your total debt, including credit cards, loans and mortgage. You can see how your credit score has changed, learn how to improve your financial standing, and keep your financial information safe. EASILY MANAGE YOUR CREDIT AND LOANS WHEREVER YOU A…

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下载 Hola桌面 - 轻便, 快捷 Hola桌面 - 轻便, 快捷 icon
Hola桌面 - 轻便, 快捷

Hola launcher简洁而强大手机桌面!清理加速手机、最佳化省电、电池充电保护、应用管理,始终让您的手机保持最佳状态。海量的主题和壁纸让你的手机与众不同!从此告别系统卡慢、告别平淡操作,踏上极速、流畅、炫酷的旅程。❤ 主要功能★ 手机加速智能进程清理策略,最大限度释放内存。全面提升手机运行速度,有效延长电池使用。★ 一键优化准确检测并修复电池耗电问题,全面优化…

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AliExpress Shopping App

Ever wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? We’ve created just the app for you! With thousands of brands and millions of products at an incredible value, AliExpress is the go-to app for those in the know. Shop what’s new & now from home to health, tech to toys and sports to shoes (plus the hottest fashion around) every day. And,…

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下载 杀毒, 助推器, 清洁器 免费 杀毒, 助推器, 清洁器 免费 icon
杀毒, 助推器, 清洁器 免费

通过PSafe杀毒软件加速和保护您的安卓设备杀毒和防盗– 保证安全通过PSafe的免费杀毒安全功能保持您安卓设备的安全。 通过我们的手机安全系统扫描病毒、移除恶意软件并保护您的隐私。 通过我们的间谍软件移除功能的优点来保持您的手机运行在最好的状态。 登入我们的网上手机追踪器,并使用我们的防盗安全服务来找到您丢失的手机。节省电池电量并加速您的手机– 飞速运行 通过我们…

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下载 DU Battery Saver - 点心省电 DU Battery Saver - 点心省电 icon
DU Battery Saver - 点心省电

DU Battery Saver 是一款免费的省电应用程式,可让您的电池电力更持久。全球超过 4 亿位使用者都喜爱 DU Battery Saver。透过 DU Battery Saver 的智慧预设电量管理模式、一键控制及健康充电阶段功能,您可以解决各种电池问题并延长电池续航力。 为什么 DU Battery Saver (电力延长与充电程式) 是您必备的应用程式?★ 一键最佳化和省电工具快速寻找及修正电池耗电问题,并解锁…

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下载 我的免费闹钟 我的免费闹钟 icon

我的免费闹钟 可将您的 Android 设备变为闹钟,并播放您最爱的歌曲,一面显示漂亮数字时间和当前天气信息的床头钟,以及一部在晚上催您入睡的睡眠定时器!闹铃功能:• 闹钟: 伴随着让人放松的曲调或者你自己最喜欢的音乐醒来• 支持无限闹铃: 您永远都不会睡过头,或错过任何重要事情!• 支持背景闹钟:即使程序不运行,闹钟也会闹• 持续闹铃: 音乐将持续播放,直至您手动停…

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下载 鋼琴塊2™(別踩白塊兒2) 鋼琴塊2™(別踩白塊兒2) icon


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下载 傲游云浏览器 - 让自由前所未有 傲游云浏览器 - 让自由前所未有 icon
傲游云浏览器 - 让自由前所未有


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