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Control your phone from Android Wear.

Tockle enables control of your phone from your wrist. Toggle WiFi and other system settings, send an SMS message, and even activate Tasker tasks with a simple tap.

- Profiles for contextual ActionSets based on time, battery, Wifi, etc.
- ActionSets made up of built in Actions to modify WiFi, Bluetooth, and other settings as well as run Tasker tasks
- Run any ActionSet from the Wear device with "Okay Google, start action set"
- Import Tasker tasks with ease

- Internet - Google Analytics (no personal information is ever uploaded, see our Privacy Policy for details)
- SMS - send SMS messages when SMS Action is used
- Boot - run application on boot if enabled (disabled by default)
- Contacts - allow for quick contact picking for SMS and Email Actions
- Various Settings - Modify WiFi, Bluetooth, and other settings when the respective Action is run

Note: Requires an Android Wear device and the Android Wear companion application.


Version 1.0.1

- Prevented multiple ActionSets or Profiles having the same name
- Toast message when adding/editing an Action is based on whether it is being edited or created
- Addressed crash when deleting ActionSets
- Addressed crash when creating Media Actions
- Voice command no longer runs if the Wear app is closed while counting down
- Contact names with Email and SMS Actions now change when edited to a non-contact number
- Gracefully handle any unexpected errors when running an ActionSet

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    by 刘聪 在 11/08/2014