SecureLink™ enables you to upload and download documents and files stored on servers run by your organisation (school, college, company).

By deploying SecureLink™, this provides access to files across all mainstream web browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) and platforms (iOS & Android). By storing the data on the organisations own servers, this controls where data is stored, delivering secure remote access across all device platforms.

The SecureLink™ Android App adds to the functionality of the SecureLink™ system to provide full integration with the Android platform on tablets and smart phones to allow documents to securely be viewed and saved back to the shared network drives.

SecureLink™ Features:
» Browse file shares and open documents from smart phones and tablets.
» Upload files, photos, movies and audio content.
» Create, rename and delete files and folders from the server.
» Enforces access rights via integration with Active Directory and file permissions.
» Single Sign-on portal to other applications within the organisation (OWA, VLE, MIS).

Note: The SecureLink™ Android app is used to access your organisations servers. Please contact your organisations IT department for the server address, username and password to gain access.

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