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Present Sir - An app to keep your time table handy and track your bunk counts. The app has various built-in features with a user friendly interface:

1. Auto-Add courses*: Simply select your year and branch and the app will auto-add your entire time table, without any internet connectivity.

2. Manual-Add course: You may add any new course to the app manually, if the auto-add feature is not available or otherwise.

3. Bunk Meter: You may start the bunk meter of individual courses and the app will automatically ask you after any class with Bunk Meter on, "Did you bunk the class?" You may check the Bunk Meter stats of all the courses.

4. What's Next: A single click will tell you what your next class is, according to your time table.

5. My Time Table: You may check your Course-wise and Week-wise time table.

6. Edit Courses: You may edit any of the auto-added as well as the manually added courses' time table.

7. Add PT, NSO, NSS, NCC*: You may add your PT, NSO/NSS/NCC classes in the app and start the bunk meter for them too.

* Feature available only for IIT Guwahati students

With Present Sir, you need not worry about your attendance record. Let your smart phone worry about it. Download and start using the app. Provide your valuable feedback to help us make the app more user friendly and interactive.

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    通过 arpitjain1821 在 20/08/2014

    This is my first app on Google Play. Hope students like me find it helpful to bunk or attend classes. ;) Download now and start tracking your bunk counts.