Personalized GPA Calculator

Personalized GPA Calculator

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Calculate your current GPA by adding semesters, each with their own unique course names with credits and grades! All the information gets saved at any time, meaning you only need to fill in each semester once to have it save forever! No login or account required to save the information! It is truly personalized for your college or university experience.

Calculate your GPA goal! This feature allows you to choose your current cumulative credits, along with your current cumulative GPA and desired GPA to calculate the number of credits you need to take AND the grades you need to earn in those credits!

Any questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to email me at any time!



Calculate exactly what you need to reach your desired goal! Enter your current attempted credits, current cumulative GPA, and desired GPA, and this feature automatically tells you exactly how many credits with what GPA you need to reach your goal!

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  • (40 星级)

    通过 Johnatan Jensen 在 17/08/2014

    No bs. Just a very functional way to get your GPA and set a goal. But there is a bug with the grade F. Its not calculating the GPA when an F if there.

  • (40 星级)

    通过 Patrick Davis 在 17/08/2014

    Good job! I found this really useful. I hope you do well with your future programming endeavors.

  • (40 星级)

    通过 Nick Lewis 在 16/08/2014

    Perfect for what I needed it for!

  • (40 星级)

    通过 Tony Moreno 在 16/08/2014

    Hope everything goes well!!

  • (40 星级)

    通过 sathwik thalla 在 25/07/2014

    This works like a charm !