Boston Transit (MBTA)



Boston Transit App gets you the arrival time of MBTA buses in City of Boston. The Boston Transit app will keep you in-the-know, letting you see where the bus is and when it will arrive—and stop worrying about missing it.

The app's popular second-by-second vehicle tracking map visualizes your bus' exact location and estimates how many minutes it will take to arrive. Instead of waiting and wondering, spend your time doing something more important!

• Real-time bus tracking displays the exact location of your bus on a map, letting you watch as the bus makes its way to your stop.
• Remarkably accurate arrival predictions cut down on time spent waiting around—you get to be the judge of when to head down to the stop.
• Stay tuned with MBTA Service Alerts
• Save frequent stops to your favorite
• Find nearest stops via GPS
• Find stops using routes
• Don't have data plan? Don't worry. Send SMS and get times of buses
• No hassle to press refresh. Built-in auto-refresh functionality
• Pull To Refresh functionality
• Share buses arrival times with your friends
• Customizable (Rename stops, Delete stops, Change nearby radius for stop search, Turn on/off auto-refresh, Change layout)
• User Friendly with Interactive Interface
• User feedback options put you in touch with app developer.

Get the arrival time of MBTA buses on your mobile by installing Boston Bus Tracker app.

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