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訊息殺手 (Notification Killer)

訊息殺手 (Notification Killer)

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Trial Version.
0. 若有改善意見,歡迎寫信給作者,會盡量為您加功能的。
1. 它可以幫你的手機阻擋並監控所有App所發送的通知,避免通知訊息的氾濫.
2. 可以透過它來找出那個App一直發送廣告通知,找到那個App後,再把它給除掉.(不能移除YouTube或Chrome裡的廣告)
3. 有些通知會伴隨著聲音提示,是否會因擾你? 你可以把它給Block掉,就沒有煩人的聲音了.
4. 即使訊息都被Block, 你也不會遺漏任何訊息,你可以在"歷史訊息"的頁面裡找到全部.
5. 支援 Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4,4
6. OS 版本 4.2以下的, 只支援監控廣告通知,也支援移除App
7. 增加"統計頁面"讓你一目了然那些App送最多的通知或廣告
8. 提供分類功能,可以用來區分系統App或者是Play Store下載的App
9. 提供整批App移除功能,例: 你可以一次選擇移除5個App
10. 所有的操作都在本地端完成,完全不需要聯網

Use case:
1. Once Ad-Block detect which App sending AD notification, you could un-install that App according to it's Icon or messages.
2. Too many notifications annoy you? Just block them all!
3. Some notifications with notification sound annoy you? Just block them all!
4. Even block them all, you still could browse all latest notifications in "AD History" page

Tags: notification killer.


#Enhance stability.
#Support filter all overall notifications or Play Store App notifications only.
#Optimize background color to have eyes feel comfortable.
#Enhance performance.
#Add color label for System App or Play Store App
v12, 13
#Enhance stability.
#Add a filter for "All Apps on device" and "Play Store App only" in "Block page",
so it's easy to tell from "System App" or "Play Store App".
#Support multiple APK un-install feature

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  • (70 星级)

    by Sanmy Siriy 在 23/08/2014

    Working on galaxy tab 4

  • (70 星级)

    by KC Chan 在 12/08/2014

    First run need me to agree you to collect all information from my phone...including credit card way... Mr. response to your email...I would like you to check it from setting then switch off and on will see a pop up with warning about collecting information from phone except password but others info in phone will be collected including credit card number....please

  • (70 星级)

    by Hazel Gwen 在 04/08/2014

    Good to me.

  • (70 星级)

    by Aue Sonia 在 03/08/2014

    It is really fit my device, cool!

  • (70 星级)

    by Tiger Voda 在 03/08/2014

    I like using it.

  • (70 星级)

    by Sherry Minniw 在 03/08/2014

    Not bad!

  • (70 星级)

    by Robin Nan 在 03/08/2014